Sunday, June 10, 2012

Re-Entry to the USA

06/07, Thursday
Sue stayed home from work to help us adjust to home. This is a day to sort out dirty clothes, relax, leisurely breakfast, take care of a few financial items, walk and pet Nellie, and generally enjoy being home with our family.

06/08, Friday
I had a doctor appointment in Chicago. Sue took us to the train and we walked across town, stopping at the Secretary of State office to renew our drivers licenses. What I thought was going to be gruesome task, turned out to be mechanical, easy, and fast. Mom was right...let's just see what happens! All GOOD.

Dr. Hiotis took care of all my medical questions, wrote new prescriptions, and referred me to Dr. Ho, a neurologist, to review my neuropathy condition. I'll see him next Monday.

We stopped in the Walgreens Store across from our condo to pick up a few items we needed. Mom had her hair cut at Super Cuts. Then, we stopped in the condo to retrieve a few items we need for the summer in NH.

We got a lot done today. We're tired and thirsty. We caught the 5:09 to Glen Ellyn and Vince met us there to bring us home.

06/09, Saturday
Zach played in a semi-final lacrosse game against Naperville. Poor coaching cost Glen Ellyn the game, 8-5. Matt came out to see us and stayed over night. Sue and Vince made hanger steak and mashed potatoes for dinner. Very tasty and filling.

Paige took SATs in the morning and went to a concert at Wrigley Field with friends. Maddie practiced tennis for several hours with some of her team mates.

06/10, Sunday
Slept until 10:00. Sue, Vince and Maddie are at OSP for blessing of group of kids traveling to service projects.

Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and Flips for lunch. Watched some of the French Open Mens finals (Nadal v. Jokavic) until it was called for rain and darkness. Played Rummy Cube.

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