Saturday, February 18, 2012

Castiglione del Lago

02/15, Wednesday
We're off to Castiglione del Lago at 9:00 via train, about 10 minutes ride. This is the town that attracted us to this area. The lake (lago) is Trasimeno, the 4th largest lake in Italy. Today is cold (20F) and cloudy, but the train is warm.

Alisé Café is across from the station in Cast. d Lago. It is a family operated gelateria and cafeteria with homemade ice cream and sandwiches. Cappuccino and Americano start our day followed by a 2 km walk into the old town. Today is market day so there are lots of vendors set up to sell their wares. My big purchase is two pair of winter socks. Sandy purchases Zuppa beans, cipi pasta, and on the return to the train, pecorino and pancetta for a Drunkin Spaghetti a recipe from Molly.

There are lots of Polizia in the square with sniffing dogs! Are they training or looking for American Seniors smuggling in apples? (Sergio later explained they are training the dogs.) We met two Brits with their very large Bassett Hounds, Harold and Maude. They have moved to a small town near Montepulciano where they are restoring an old stone house with some problems.

The museum and castle are not open until this weekend, so we just walk the two main streets, and then have another great lunch at the same restaurant and Albergo we stayed at in 2010. We may return this weekend for Carnivale which is celebrated throughout Italy from February 1 until March 5, on weekends.

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