Saturday, February 25, 2012

Return to Orvieto

02/22, Wednesday
Nina returned to Civita to prep breakfast for us, and offered to drive us back to Orvieto where she lives with her family, which we did, right to the Duomo (near her home). That saved us walking and busing, a total of at least 1-1/2 hours.

This is Ash Wednesday, so we hoped to attend a service at the Duomo. Not to be, but we revisited the nave and San Brizio Chapel and of course to stare at the Pieta once again.

Across the piazza, there is an interesting Etruscan Archeological Museum where we not only wandered among ancient pottery and coins (7-6 century BC), but took time to read a couple of articles/books about Etruscan history. Very fascinating information about which we know little since their language has been lost along with any written information. Some details can be gleaned from studying articles found in burial sites. They filled graves with daily used items and showed their family status and quality of life. Women had equal standing in society, which really changed when the Romans took over.

Lunch at another enoteca on the piazza. Sandy chose eggless noodles with veggies. Dick saw an item on the menu he had to have...piccione (pigeon) because the Etruscans survived on this morsel while besieged by the Romans. Not much meat on those bones, and they disguised the taste with a lot of sauce.

We strolled down the Corso, took the funicular down, and trained home to Chiusi. We were met by Massimo because Sergio has a bad case of flu which kept him home from work. With limited Italian on our part, and limited American for Massimo, the three of us had a limited conversation about our time in Orvieto and about American music (Massimo is a big fan).

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