Thursday, December 15, 2011

And on the 26th day..

After another wonderful breakfast, it was time to pack up and head back to Novigrad. I had a nice chat with the owner of the pension. She gave me an umbrella as a gift, which came in very handy as the day progressed.

We really feel great about all the places, history, beauty and especially the people we encountered over the last 26 days. It opened our eyes on many different levels. We were fortunate how things fell into place since we certainly didn't have it all plotted out. Thanks to the IPad we were able to contact places to stay and visit along the way, but usually just a day ahead. Since it is so out of the busy season we got bargain prices and enjoyed varied accommodations, all in the old city parts.

We took a bus from Lake Bled to Ljubljana, which was just over an hour. We then had over three hours before leaving for Novigrad. Headed right for the old city, roamed around thru the markets, had another wonderful sausage and sauercraut from an outdoor vendor. Then, we spent the rest of the time at the Slovenian National Museum. Another great museum tracing the country's history over ions. If only we could retain all the facts! They have proof of life in the area 200,000 years ago. A tiny little flute, made from bear bone, is over 45,000 years old. It sure seems that music, paintings and many sports transcend age, languages and cultures.

It was inspiring to read about their determination to become an independent country. They have certainly accomplished a great deal in 20 years. It seems the people have a relaxed, happy and healthy life style. Our host at the Bled pension (Tatijana is in her 40s) voiced some concern about the next generation regarding their willingness to work hard for their future. Is this a common sign of the future for developed nations?

We caught a bus at 4:30. We're back to Novigrad in less than three hours. Later, in bed, we heard thunder and heavy rain, so we lucked out weather-wise again.

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