Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last Day in Dubrovnik

12/2 Friday

This is our fifth day in the Dubrovnik area, including yesterday's trip to Kotor. We have done a pretty thorough tour of the museums and historic sites.

Went to the Ethnographic Museum this morning. It is housed in a fortress-like building built to contain an enormous granary in the 15th century. There are nine huge storage "bins" beneath the ground floor in hollowed-out stone which kept the grain dry and at a constant temperature of 63 degrees. This took a long time to build and was in continual use through the 19th century. Also had many interesting exhibits on life during that, farming, weaving. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted in the museum, so we can't include any photos.

Cavtat is a town we had considered staying in when we were planning our visit to Dubrovnik. It's 15km south on the coast, an old seaside town. During the busy summer season, it is popular as an alternative place to stay to avoid crowds.

Out of curiosity, we took a bus over (literally, up a steep hill/mountain) and down to the harbor. Only one restaurant is open (season is over) where we have a hearty farmers bean soup while playing gin rummy.

A walk along the promenade/peninsula around the park at the opening to the Adriatic leads us to a mausoleum designed by our new favorite Croatian artist, Ivan Meštrovič. It is another example of his artistic skill as an architect as well as an artist. We happened to be there at 16:00, perfect timing to catch the sun setting.

Then, a mad rush to catch the 16:15 bus back to Dubrovnik. Its a 45 minute ride which would have been a frustrating trip each day over and back. The 78 steps up and down are not bad in comparison! The return is very pretty driving right by the water, seeing the beautiful colors in the sky after the sun set.

Went to a small, modest home where Malin Drzic, a famous Croatian dramatist, was born in 1508. There was an exhibit, an audio headset, giving facts and playing music and his actual room. We had a difference of opinion when we left. I thought it was clever and Dick said it was the worst museum he has seen.

We happened to walk in on the concert symphony practicing in Dub, but heard about the last two minutes. Sounded good! Think we are missing our ushering a bit.

Had to have a final crepe filled with gelato at this cute little place before climbing the 78 stairs to our apartment. You really don't see any obese people here. A few days ago an old man using two crutches left his home across from us walking down the steps with some assistance. Hardy, as well as resilient.

Tomorrow it is off to Mostar, about three hours from here, making a little head way getting back north toward Istria, but away from the coast. Anxious to hear about the other side of this crazy war in the 90's. It is supposed to rain.

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