Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve in Chiang Mai

Today we transfer to a small resort in the old town of Chiang Mai. It is the Bodhi Serene. From the outside it is not very interesting, but once inside it is a 4-star accommodation. Tonight the hotel is hosting a free Christmas Party for all guests at 6:30pm. We have beautiful rooms, a terrace off each one and a nice large pool area. Yuko really does well in researching places to stay.

Before leaving Fern Paradise, the owner who is an architect treated us to a grand tour of the property. He bought old rice barns, dismantled them, brought nine of them to the property, reassembled them and, in the process, they were outfitted with modern facilities. They are on the original old log stilts. The nine barns make up the hotel. Under each one was a sitting area with a big wooden swing. Lots of winding paths to the pool and eating area.

The owner has a passion for ferns. He explained all about ferns of which he had started over 300 different species over the years. Ferns really make for a very serene atmosphere. He also runs a photography business and cares for these magnificent ferns. Quite a place.

All six of us take a long walk across the Ping River into the "new" town to investigate several restaurants for Christmas Day Dinner. Because it's further than we think, we take 2 tuk-tuks to a place on the river where we have a late lunch.

When we return to our hotel we have a couple hours before the Christmas party so I walk across the street for a Thai massage. Can you believe an hour great massage for under 10 dollars ! Then a quick swim and on to the party. The staff had practiced wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in English and wore Santa hats. Very helpful, smiling people here. Also a group came in to sing Christmas carols.

Quite a different way to celebrate Christmas Eve, but very lovely. The girls are excited about Santa. Great time to be thinking of the whole family.

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