Monday, January 30, 2012

John and Yuko Leave for New Zealand

01/25, Wednesday
Yuko has been busy preparing for John and her trip to NZ, and for their application to Singapore for Permanent Residency (PR). John has been on business trips for the last 10 days and returns late tonight.
Yesterday we went to their friend Judy 's condo for a traditional Chinese meal including a large salad that everyone helps toss.The higher the toss the more good fortune.

01/26, Thursday
John, Yuko and the girls are off for their interview at 9:30am with the PR department. All of Yuko's prep has paid off; their app and interview passes successfully in less than an hour. There are some social program advantages to having PR status.

We get a chance to see John for about two hours while he packs for the NZ trip. They leave at 7:30pm, lose 5 hours, and arrive in Auckland at 10:00am. The purpose of their trip is to choose an architect and contractor to build on their property on the North Island in the town of Hihi.

01/27, Friday
Emma and I walk to school at 8:30. Sandy and I play tennis for an hour followed by a short swim, and book reading. "Panama" is my current mystery novel involving Henry Adams and John Hay; and Sandy is reading "Distant Replay" about the GB Packers of the mid-60s. This seems to be our weekday routine. Then, shower and we're off for the afternoon to explore.

Today is a minor shopping outing to find vacuum bags for a Panasonic vacuum. Shouldn't be a big deal, but...after doing a bus schedule on the iPad to the Century Square plaza (sounds like a strip mall in anyplace USA), we have trouble finding the bus stop for #10. This gives us an opportunity to take our first SMRT ride (elevated train). It's easy, fast, quiet, modern, and stops are announced in English. We really play American tourist and stop for ice cream at McDonald's.

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