Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Other Places on the Island State

01/22, Sunday
The Southern Ridges of Singapore is another green area that ties together several parks with a hiking trail. We have been near this area before when we went out for dinner at Vivo City. The terrain and flora, although within walking distance, is totally different, in fact, like a jungle. From the heights of the ridges one can see the harbor, the ships, the cranes, shopping centers, high rise offices and condos, and the gondola that transports people from the heights to the small resort island of Sentosa. We have a picnic lunch in the Terrace Garden, which is at the top of the park and offers a 360 view of the city.

The Henderson Bridge connects the western park (Hort Park) with the eastern (Mt Faber Park). It crosses over a highway at heights of 76m above sea level. It consists of seven wooden arches and is 500m in length. Even though some of Singapore's architecture is boring and repetitive, from this vantage we can view plenty of structural variety. Plus the bridge itself, also called the Henderson Wave, is beautiful. Quite a mixture of jungle, plants, modern bridges and panoramic views of the city. A very interesting walk. Reward ourselves with ice cream when we walk down to Vivo city and then take a double decker bus home.

01/23,Monday, Start of Chinese New Year

Dick and I took a bus to the Art Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel while Yuko took the girls to a movie with friends. The architectural design of this museum is inspired by the lotus flower. It was being built when we were here last year. A total of ten white "fingers" makes up the gallery space. It is surrounded by a lily pond reflecting pool. Quite a sight.

We spent two hours touring two exhibits, the Titanic and Cartier Time Art. We have seen several other exhibits on the Titanic, but this was by far the most complete and compelling. It had several re-creations, such as The Grand Staircase, boiler room, cabins and various decks. Lots of artifacts, personal stories, even an iceberg you can touch and a boarding pass so you can check to see if you are a survivor ! I was a six year old girl going to Chicago, Il. and survived. Dick was a 45 year old man headed for North Dakota and he was also a survivor.

The Cartier watchmaking had over 150 creations on display with remarkable designs and complicated timepieces. One bracelet watch contained 45 carats of emeralds, along with rubies and diamonds. Nice little bobble. No price tags.

Then we met Yuko and the girls at the Pan Pacific Hotel for an excellent dinner that John hosted in absentia. It was in celebration of Chinese New Year Day. Beautiful Japanese setting with wonderful dishes prepared in a style called tappenacki. It means iron grill and we were able to watch the food expertly prepared. Quite a relaxing and fun treat that we all enjoyed.

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