Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Start of the New Year in Singapore

The last day of 2011. Our activity for today is bicycling along the coast and Chiangi Airport for lunch at Chiangi Village. About 10 miles of level riding for 1 1/2 hours in 90 degree temp.Very nice bike path along water, parks, golf course and one runway of the airport. Emma biked the whole way, no complaints other than not wanting to wear a helmet. We were bushed afterward, and napped for awhile at home. Then, a short swim at the pool.

Eight o'clock, we're off to pick up cakes that Yuko had ordered for Carolin's birthday on 12/31 and NewYears. Then, to Pasha's, a Moroccan-Indian restaurant for the evening into the new year. We were outdoors on a rooftop under a tent, drinks and buffet. Nice people, very good food and a fun evening. It certainly had a festive atmosphere and very nice bringing in the new year with John and Yuko.

January 1, 2012
Lazy morning since we didn't get to bed till 2am. Then we played some tennis and had lunch by the pool and enjoyed soaking up the sun. Took a nice walk to a busy area with lots of stores, restaurants and a new mall. We ate at an outdoor Chinese place and had lots of different dishes, including sting ray and pepper crab. Great people watching. Then we had ice cream at the new mall and took a bus home. A very nice way to start 2012. It is so fun and relaxing being in Singapore and spending time with Emma and Nicky is special. I am amazed at Nicky's vocabulary. She went from hardly speaking to carrying on a delightful conversation in such a short time. Emma read me a story and she is an excellent reader.

It's time to de-Christmas the house. Yuko is busy removing ornaments and lights from the tree, putting them away for another year. Had a very nice afternoon at a friend's condo, Judy. Her complex has an enormous pool, jacuzzi and beautiful outdoor area. Of course it is used all year !

Judy treated us all to lunch and a special cake called galette de roi (royal cake). It's filled with almond paste and covered with filo dough, sweet but not too sweet. Inside the cake is baked a small ceramic object like the baby Jesus, or Mother Mary. Whoever finds it in his or her piece is crowned the king or queen. Aidan, Judy's 5 year old son, was king.

A day of shopping at the Parkway Plaza Mall...food for dinner and Doctor's office for prescriptions for Dick. It is unbelievably easy and cheap to get a Doctor's prescription which I needed to release medication from Singapore customs.

Yuko prepared another incredible meal that we enjoyed after the girls had gone to bed. Then, a movie, "Kissing Jessica". (Yuko and I fell asleep while Sandy and John finished watching.)

Nicky started a new school today, kindergarten. She was very courageous without a whimper. Sandy and I were off to the PP Mall for several items, including a haircut and medications at the pharmacy for me. I haven't written about the trials and tribulations of getting meds from the USA to me, both in Croatia and Singapore. Matt has been very persistent in getting them to me. With John, Yuko, and Sandy's insistence and help, I think we have procured all my meds for the next 6 months.

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