Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back on Bikes

When we brought back the car this morning Sergio had bikes in his office so we had a delightful ride for a couple hours. Sergio gave us a trail map that started right in Chiusi.

We went by century-old water ways into the countryside. Water still runs although slowly in the deep trenches which were once canals to carry water away from the Tiber River. The embankments still exist which now form the bike path. Along the way there are small farms, some with horses, others with bee hives.

We end our trek outbound at Lake Chiusi. It is about the size of Kezar Lake, but not clear. Sergio says swimming is not allowed due to dangerous submerged weeds. Fishing is allowed and there are a number of boats ready for warmer weather. There is a family-run bar and ristorante, so there must be a lot of business in the summer.

Our round- trip is a bout 8km. We want to catch a ride back to Borgo Solario with Sergio at 12:45. He picks Leonardo up from school at 1:15. We need some time this afternoon to plan our Naples- Sicily trip.

Tonight we're all going out to a local restaurant known for their unusual bread sandwiches and pizza. We had a great meal, complete with high calorie desserts. And, some vino! And, a special time with our hosts! I wish Sandy and I could speak some Italian. Sergio and Michelle are fluent English speakers, but we can't easily talk with Vera and Massimo, both of whom are interesting and fun people.

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