Monday, November 7, 2011

Agritourism and Family

November 6

This was a wonderful, special day, the best we've had this far in Istria.

Why? Because it was an afternoon shared with a local family: Ticijana, Bruno (her husband), Moreno (18 year old son); Eda (sister), Roberto (her husband), Roberta (daughter), and Ivan (23 year old boyfriend).

Bruno drove us to a mountain top agritourism restaurant, Stefanic Agroturizam, in a small village outside of Motovun. We had been in Motovun last November 11, 2010. It is one of the truffle centers of Istria, and the site of an annual film festival in July.

Even though there was a light sprinkle while we waited outside for a table, we had a good time getting to know the family members. The adults speak limited English, but their 18-23 year old children speak and understand not only English, but Italian and German. So, we were able to share a lot of thoughts with them...from sports to politics and the economy to music and movies.

Every year the agroturizam in the region host a day with a set menu for 50 kuna ($10) per person, including carafes of red and white wine. The meal consists of ingredients produced on the property, from vegetables to meat to desert to wine. Our main dish was sliced pork with baked mashed potato filled with a fruit, kind of a large gnocchi or dumpling. Desert was diced warm cinnamon apple and custard. It was all very tasty and filling. Afterward the owner gave us a tour of the wine-making room, and a taste of fresh white wine just picked a month ago.

On the way back, our host drivers stopped at Motovun to give us tour of the town. We saw parts we had not seen last of the ancient walls and wells, side streets, and the piazza. Motovun was part of Venice several centuries ago as was much of the coast of Istria.

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