Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Split Trip

November 19

Split is 12 miles from Trogir, so a bus ride is needed to get there. Dick was hood-winked into a "private car" ride instead costing 1.5X more. But, it was quick and we were delivered right to the old town

It is Saturday morning so there are many street vendors gathered outside the city walls to greet us. The tourist info office, which we try to find as soon as we arrive in any new town, is a great help...maps and brochures and advice.

History tells us that Split originated in the 3rd century. The Roman king Diocletian had a huge (198,000 sq.ft) palace built there, parts of which still exist. The town walkways now form a maze passing through the palace grounds, with plenty of high-end clothing and shoe shops, jewelry shops (zlata=gold), cafés, hair salons (frizerski), and small hotels. We are glad we're visiting during November because the tourist crowds in the summer must be overwhelming.

The old town has expanded beyond the palace walls with a fish market, plazas, and more shopping opportunities. We have limited time today, so we only walk to various sites that we will investigate more thoroughly next week over three days.

Ivan Meštrović, a famous 19th century Croatian sculptor, lived here in what is now his gallery. In Chicago, the two Indian horseback riders at Michigan and Congress were done by Meštrović. This gallery will be a destination when we return.

We stop for late lunch/early dinner at an out-of-the-way konoba. At a table near us is the female star of the operetta we plan to see, eating with the director.

Time to catch the bus back to Trogir for one more night there before heading to Skradin and the Krka NP.

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