Monday, November 21, 2011

Travel Day to Krka National Park

November 20

Another day of travel by bus. There are some disadvantages to bus travel, but we think the advantages outweigh them...less stressful, more sightseeing, no parking problems, more exercise in walking, less cost, and an opportunity to see the people and the street scenes.

The ride along the coast reveals a difference in terrain from that in Istria. No red clay. Instead white stone, and cliffs down to the sea.

We start out after a little breakfast on the main piazza in Trogir. I treated myself with a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Our plan is to go to Krka National park, which is about 1-1/2 hours from Trogir. The interim stop is in šebinek which is a port city of 50,000 people. Read about a neat restaurant here so we searched it out and saw the old town while doing it. The waiter reminded us both of Buddy Hackett, crooked mouth and all.

Then a 20 minute bus ride to our final destination for two days, Skradin. Tiny town, but probably mobbed during the summer because of the park. Rented some great bikes and rode 4km to the Park and then took a delightful walk to see the seven waterfalls. One had seventeen cascades and very unusual growths called travertines. It is said it is one of the best known natural beauties of Croatia and it was stunning.

Much of the walk was on a wooden planked path that bent and turned and seemed to fit in with the landscape so well. The park is designed to protect the environment. We were lucky to encounter one couple so they could take our picture and that was it for crowds. It was a perfect, serene, sunny day . We are trying to mix indoor and outdoor activities, along with scenic and historic. What a way to learn history !

We saw the first hydroelectric plant in Croatia, designed by Nikola Tesla (a native of Croatia). He worked with Thomas Edison to build a similar plant at Niagara Falls that went into operation only two days prior to this one.

Enjoyed a great dinner at a local restaurant that Dick has already written Trip Advisor about since the food and people were outstanding. I had black cuttlefish risotto and Dick had green gnocchi with shrimp. Everyday fare !

Had another funny "lost in translation" moment this morning. One of the owners asked if "everything OK ?" and I asked if we could have more heat in our room. He said "sure" and then asked, What is "heat"?

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