Monday, April 2, 2012

Back Home to Borgo Solario, Today

04/01, Sunday, April Fools Day
The Caserta B&B inadvertently played an April Fools joke on me...there was no hot water for a shower (Mom took her's last night)! And, a second joke, today there was a nice cake and fruit at breakfast so saved our purchased croissants for lunch.

Then, I realized I didn't have our cribbage set...another joke? Nope! I left it at the gelato/pastry shop last night. Fortunately, it's on our way to the train station, and they are open on Sunday morning. The proprietor recognizes us right away, and presents our little black box. What a relief. It is one of our important pastimes (besides blogging)!

Our train to Naples is 25 minutes late arriving in Caserta, but the Naples-Chiusi train doesn't depart until 11:50, so we still have 1-1/2 hours layover there. We have been away for three weeks and now we are ready to relax a few days before leaving for France. It will be nice to use a washing machine too !

The nice conductor helped us get to the right track #1when we exited the train.We had headed the wrong way. We only had ten minutes between trains, so no time for mistakes. The connection in Rome is on time, so we are on the last leg home.

Met Sergio at his office at 4:00pm and he drove us back to Borgo Solario. He helped us print off our boarding passes for Wednesday's flight and will have a car for us Tuesday evening for our drive to Rome airport on Wednesday morning. He figures everything out for us ! Driving into Sanfantucchio was like coming home !

Things have gotten so green. What a beautiful countryside. We are in a different apartment, similar to our first one. Sandy made dinner with a few things we had left here 3 weeks ago (spaghetti, garlic and spices ) and washed a load of clothes.

Sergio and Michelle have invited us to a Monday night dinner with the other guests who are staying for the Easter holiday week. That will be fun and I'm sure good food.

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