Friday, April 13, 2012

You Haven't Heard from Us for Awhile

We have not posted recent blogs (04/08-0412) because I managed to delete those entries, not once but twice. It's a sad story, but we will try to recreate the events at least in pictures. Our memories for those days have faded already, so our descriptions will be short...maybe that's better for those of you who read them!

04/09, Monday
A day at home, doing wash and other things around our apartment. It is raining on and off today.

I attempt to recall our activities of the previous days for the blog. After struggling to do this, getting frustrated, I have a reasonable rendition for those there days, including Monday, 04/09. All a waste of time and mental effort.

I waited until Thursday to try to repost them, only to find that Blogger refused, providing only the message "Unknown Error". Oh, well! After trying many ways to figure out the unknown error, I opted to open a new Blogger account. The result: our recreated blog entries "disappeared", but Blogger now accepts new submissions.

We did watch a good movie, "The Hours", about Virginia Wolff and her tangential effect on families beyond her life. Great performances and an intriguing story.

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