Monday, April 16, 2012


Another Blog snafu. After trying to recall and record our travels for the past three days, I once again "lost" our blog entries while trying to figure out why Blogger would not upload anything. Hopefully we're back on track.

04/13, Friday, the 13th
We accompany John and Madeleine to market day at Prayssac. We see a few of the same vendors from last week's market. These folks are busy moving their stalls (sometimes elaborate trailers) from town-to -town, plus stocking up over night.

Although it is a smaller market, there are lots of people out on this sunny warm day. Market is a favorite thing to do for many locals, shopping for their food, for flowers and plants, and clothes. Lots of conversations. Lots of Grandparents with their grandchildren. Dogs, too. A house with a sundial painted on it's side wall adds to the atmosphere. Things are displayed very artfully and vendors are very patient.

There are strict French rules for the food that can be sold at market. Free-range chicken, rabbit, and beef. Organic veggies and fruit. Expensive white beans. Paté, foie gras, oysters, shrimp.

Puy l'Eveque
At noon the market closes, and we stop to visit J&M's friends, Tony and Sylvia Maynard, a retired British couple at their old stone home, Lou Picou. Tony takes French language lessons from Madeleine every Wednesday. They moved to France five years ago, bought a rural stone house, and have been remodeling it. They have a gite attached to their home that they rent out. Fun couple and they even have a ping pong table! We didn't have time to play though, since M&J had an appointment to get to. Seems that many English retire in France since it is much cheaper due to the social services, food costs, property, and fuel.

Enjoyed chicken, that we got at the market, for lunch. Able to enjoy our balcony once again with J&M.

I look over the bikes. Pump up the tires. It seems they are ready to go. As we start out, my rear tire is not able to go round. The tire is interfering with the brake, so I return to work on fixing it, and Mom bikes the river path, following the old train route.

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