Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heading to Mediterraean Spain

04/24, Tuesday
The skies today are still overcast, but forecasts are for better weather. We can watch birds feeding at the seed-ball hanging on the birdhouse on our terrace. They are very busy and polite.

There is lots of work down the road by the riverside where they are preparing to build a new tour boat wharf. Mostly pulling out old trees and leveling ground. This will make the tour boat more accessible to the anticipated tourist information center. Still plenty of work to do.

Mom and I are packing for Spain. We have a few errands to do in town, lunch, and then John takes us to the train station in Libos. Departure is on time, 13:39 exactly. We transfer to another train in Agen for a 2-1/2 hour ride to Narbonne, followed by a 1 hour ride to Figureres, arriving about 7:00pm.

As we head toward Narboone, we make stops in Toulouse and Carcassonne. The countryside is different here than around Fumel...fewer hills, more canals, sunny, windy.

Waiting in Narbonne for 1-1/2 hours, we plan some of our activity in Barcelona...a bike tour hopefully and walking the Ramblas and a visit to Gaudi's Church of the Family. We only have part of one day.

Matt was in Barcelona in 1999 on his Circumnavigator Club expedition to visit and analyze the economic impact of summer Olympics on the host city...Barcelona hosted the Olympics in 1992.

The last leg from Narbonne to Figueres is uneventful and quick. The countryside is different...lush and green and lakes.

We take a bus to the Hotel Trave and have a light dinner in the bar. Sandy has gazpacho soup and dices of omlette. The guys in the bar are watching soccer and cheering. Now we hear Spanish. Otherwise, we could be in France or Italy.

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