Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun with J&M and The Pre-Historic Museum

04/20, Friday
Rain is blanketing the area on and off today. We have a morning to relax. Then, off to lunch with Madeleine and John in the town of St Sylvestre on the Lot River across from the village of Penne d'Agenais. Our restaurant is Au Fil du l'Eau (On the String of Water), on the river. An extensive buffet (I had pig's feet along with about 10 other things), followed by French veal (only corn-fed), and pineapple flan...local wine is always served.

Our third trip to the Pre-Historic Museum in Puy du Sauverre is a charm...they are open. This small town has taken on an important exposition of information and artifacts gathered from the immediate area. We spent an hour viewing and reading the commentaries, and learning how the "points" (sharp points for arrows and spears) were made by CroMagnun man 17,000 BP.

Madeleine teaches French to a number of adults from Britain. Joyce and David Clarke are a retired couple who live part time in an old stone home/barn in a small town nearby. They have invited us over for tea and coffee. They continue to work on certain aspects to make it their style. It has a lovely English garden where their Border Collie, Casper, can frolic. The interior is very comfortable and tasteful.

This evening we joined J&M for a game of Scrabble. We all felt we had created a good-looking final board with all except one corner and all four sides used. Madeleine scored over 400 points to win after 2 hours of play around 11:00pm. Of course, we mixed in conversation and laughing and some Floc, orange aperitif, and Chenin Blanc.

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