Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Day Living in Novigrad

Wednesday, October 19

Each day we try to learn something about our new home. Some times we are forced to learn like yesterday.

Yesterday's learning experience was how to run the clothes washer/dryer. To start with we didn't know it would dry clothes as well as wash. After lengthy reading and interpreting the manual (in five languages), we figured it out. What a relief! It eliminates needing to air-dry clothes which we were dreading.

Also, I am slowly figuring out how to use the TV and satellite. We can get BBC and World News in English, but nothing else so far. There are no instructions, it's trial and error.

And, We're still trying to figure out how to run the heater. There hasn't been much need so far, but it won't be too long.

Electricity is quite expensive, so knowing how to operate each of these appliances efficiently is important.

And, we seek out a way to get some exercise. Yesterday we took a walk around to the other side of the harbor late in the afternoon. Its about a mile each way. There's a nice park with clay tennis courts and paved trail for biking and jogging. (We hope to rent bikes for a couple of days to take a 35km path along the coast.)

Along the walking path, we found a small area where some archeological digging has taken place, exposing an ancient stone embankment. The town has replicated this as a barrier to the sea on this side.

Tomorrow, Mom will teach ESL at the library...a very nice new building. We met the librarians yesterday. They're excited about the class and have provided a room for us. Duska has arranged for 4-8 students, twice a week.

We downloaded some ESL lesson material from the Internet that will be helpful. Mom has a lesson plan all prepared. We hope to keep the class very informal.

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