Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To the D'Uomo

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sleeping last night was easy to start with, but the wind picked up rattling the window "shades" (metal outdoor pull-down used for sun and to keep pigeons from coming in through the window because there are no screens).

We seem to attract early morning trash trucks wherever we travel. They started dumping around 8am (also, some sort of protestors were out on the street), but I managed to sleep until 10am.

Finally got out around 11:30, taking the metro to the D'Uomo in the old town's main piazza. The D'Uomo is a silvery white church with lots of pointed spires. It is currently (probably, always) under renovation. An impressive structure inside and out.

Adjacent is the Galleria, a very large ornate building. It is laid out in a cross shape, 3 or 4 stories high with a translucent glass roof covering the cross. Inside there are many high-end shops and restaurants along the wide walks, kind of a retrofitted shopping plaza.

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