Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last day tn Milan

This is our last day in Milan. It was really fun and busy. Started by getting day passes on the Metro and trolleys, so we zipped all around, Ending now with a great dinner very near our place . Plan on stopping for gelato on the way home.There are so many gelato places in this city and as Sherri McKenna can attest in the whole country. It is on to Croatia tomorrow.

We started the Saint Ambrose Basilica. San Ambrosia is the patron saint of Milano. Every city in Italy has a patron saint.

Adjacent to the basilica is the Sanctuary of War Dead. And, just beyond, is the catholic university of the Sacred Heart. We enjoyed a free buffet of OJ, espresso, and sweets there as they were hosting a conference. We crashed the buffet.

A short walk to the San Maris Della Grazie church which houses "The Last Supper", a wall fresco by Leonardo di Vinci...the famous one! We couldn't get in to see it. There are crowds of people who have made reservations. But, the "original" has been practically destroyed due to deterioration, defacing, and bombing.

An interesting couple of factoids...Christ's right temple is the center of perspective, drawing your eyes to him. Also, L di V decided to portray the moment just after Jesus announced "one of you will betray me", causing confusion among the 12 apostles. Thad why there is so much discussion and consternation among them.

Then, we walked to the church of San Lorenzo, the martyr, an eight sided structure that was started in 597AD. There is some confusion as to whether it was intended as a church, but Constantine evidently first gave permission for Christians to practice their religion here.

Next door, we found a wedding reception in progress, the bride Sandra, and the groom, Romeo. We took advantage of some candy they were giving to guests.

Within a short walking distance, we found possibly the only canal in Milan. Several canal boats along shore.

Took our first trolley ride using our one-day ATM pass (not a cash machine, but similar to a bus pass) to a de-consecrated 8-sided convent, now an art gallery. Unfortunately, closed for renovation.

Then, onto a park for some more walking, looking unsuccessfully for Bonaparte's villa. Took trolley the Centrale Tren Stationze, where we will catch the train tomorrow to Venice and Trieste.

At the Metro'd to D'Uomo we find a large group of students protesting the banking system. Then, back to our neighborhood for a nice dinner. Home by 9:30 and ready for bed by 10. Tomorrow we leave by 9am to catch our 10:35 train.

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