Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some Photos

These photos show some scenes in Novigrad. The Italian name for the town is Cittanova. Both mean New City. We learned that there are three towns of the same name in Croatia. Ours is in the province of Istria.

These captions describe each respective photo.

This is the street we live on, Bolnicka #2.
Bolnicka means 'hospital' in Croatian.
In fact, there was a hospital here a couple of centuries ago.
The second line is the Italian street name translation.
'Ospedale' looks more like 'hospital', doesn't it?

Sandy waving from arched kitchen windows.
All other windows have old wooden shutters.
There is lots of sun light in the apartment.

Sunset on the Adriatc Sea after a glass of wine, toasting family and friends.
The bar/restaurant overlooks the harbor, serving mostly fresh seafood.
There are several other similar outdoor venues along this plaza.

A view of the old 'NewTown' from the light house across the harbor.
The water is clear and calm and evidently warm.
During the summer there is a large swimming area.
The buildings are freshly painted in Italian style.
Istria was part of Venice's empire in the 17th century.

The Town Hall just around the corner from our home.
We haven't been inside yet.
One of the flags is Croatia's national. Another is Novigrad's.

Sandy walking on the old stone wall that surrounded the town.
There is a promenade along the Sea beside the wall.
We strolled there and had lunch of bread, cheese, and local beer.
It's very sunny and heats up the stone, making it warm this time of year.

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