Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our First Bus Pula

Wednesday, October 26

Got up early today to take bus to Rovinj at 9:10am. Discovered bus doesn't stop in Rovinj, so we rode all the way to Pula, about 1-1/2 hours. Passed by the Limpski Canal, aka a fjord by some (photo).

Pula is a coastal city, a major port. It is best known for it's intact 1st century amphitheater/coliseum (photos). It is said to be more intact than the one in Rome. We surmised where the lions, gladiators and poor victims entered the arena. There are a few other Early Roman structures as well (photo) including the Temple of Augustus Ceasar.

We are caught in a downpour and have to slosh to a family restaurant where it's dry and warm. The food is quite good, too. It is part of a very nice hotel. We gave a boost to American honesty when we pointed out they had not charged us for some seafood risotto .

Rain has stopped. Only a few other places to see. The Cathedral and the Roman
Theater (photos). Of course had some gelato on the way back to the bus. Back home by 8:00pm. Very nice bus.

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