Sunday, October 30, 2011

Joining In with the locals

It is great day: 18C, about 66F.

We rented a pedal boat at the Maestral resort. The bay was calm (one foot swells) so we pedaled across and back to town in an hour. It was a good workout...probably 3 miles. It was a very nice boat and fun to be out on the Adriatic. The water is very clear and aqua color. Some kids were swimming and we talked with their Dad. They are from Ireland and own an apartment in Novigrad.

Had another great pizza for lunch with ham and artichokes .

In the evening, we went to the Italian Club for the 7th annual cake contest. We were Paola's guests, although we were noticed as Americans. There were at least 40 homemade items from local bakers and as far away as Umag. I was in heaven...lots of sweets. We earned it after all the pedaling. Good free white Istrian wine, too.

Met Paola's husband - he looks like Kevin Spacy. Our neighbor, another Ticijana, the one I wave to when opening the shutters, came up to me and we struggled through a fun conversation.

Several women said they wanted to come to our little class, so we'll see who shows up Tuesday. One picture is of the winner of the contest and one with Paola, who is in our class and director of the Italian center. Also met the woman who did all the neat decorations and flower arrangements.

We made a big mistake...removed the last of pictures from the camera instead of importing them. Will just have to remember the paddle boat ride and the cake contest ! Hopefully, we reenacted the paddle boat picture today, but the cake contest ones have gone to picture heaven.

Sunday afternoon 4pm, we watched the championship soccer game between Croatia and Belgium. The players were in their 20s, so probably semi-pro teams. Most likely a regional finals. The final score: Belgium 4, Croatia 3; but, With less than 20 minutes remaining, Croatia came back from down 3-0. Unfortunately, Belgium slipped in another score with less than two minutes to win.

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