Friday, October 28, 2011

Walking the winding streets October 28,2011

Falling into bit of a daily routine, but still finding some unexplored streets in the old town. Opening the big old shutters on our windows to start the day. Several "neighbors" lean out of their windows and rest on pillows to watch the people on the street. Cute.

Had a great pizza for lunch the other day sitting right by the Adriatic along a street called Riverella, like Riviera. There are some very nice homes on this street. Quite a setting. Hoping for a few more sunny, nice days before gloom sets in.

Only Ticijana, aka "Tilly", came to our class last night. (The letter "j" is pronounced like a "y", so Jana is said as Yana.) She is the least adept in English, so we were able to hopefully help her two on one ! Lots of laughs when she would say the Croatian words for us.

I think I'm going to call Dick the Croatian words for husband, which is "bracni drug". Just so you know, the Croat word for wife is "supruga" or "zena", like super or Catherine Zena Jones. One of the parks in town is named after a woman soldier, Irma Bencic. She died in 1943 in WW II, a respected hero of the town.

We have an iPad app that translates English to Croatian, and vice versa. Sometimes the translation results in some unusual words both ways. It's easy to use and gives us a way to discuss different words.

Saturday night we have been invited to music and a cake contest at the Italian Center, where we conduct our English classes . Big night out !

This morning Mom gave me my first European haircut, a little longer than usual. I'm beginning to feel like an Italian Croat.

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