Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First full day in Novagrad

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nice sunny, rather brisk day. We rearranged furniture in our little place and it is very cute. Lots of laughs just trying to figure out different locks,switches and instructions in a different language.
Spent several hours dealing with card canceling etc. due to Dick's wallet being taken while getting on the Metro in Milan. Thanks to all the positive E-mails from Matt, Sue and Molly we are just forging ahead. It is now up to Fidelity to get money to us !

Novigrad is even better than we remember from last year. The harbor area, the Adriatic and the old part of town (our apt. Bolnicka 2) really are great. There is a beautiful walk right by the water and after taking it we stopped for a drink at an outside cafe, toasted our family and friends and watched a marvelous sunset. Then we came home and had leftovers from last night. Also figured out the hot water heater, so hot showers tonight.

We were quite the sight shopping in the grocery store. Dick kept checking things on a translator app on the IPad, but we still came home with a few strange items.

Listened to Frank Sinatra (on our IPad) and smiled when he said, picked myself up, brushed myself off and joined the race. That is us !

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