Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rainy Day Brings Inside Activity

Today is our first day of rain, but it is warm. Even the fisherman are not going out because of the wind.

After breakfast we headed to the local bank to receive a money transfer from Matt. This will keep us liquid for some time, hopefully until we get a new debit card. A big thanks to Matt for all the time and effort he has put into helping us resolve our financial predicament.

Sandy has her lesson plan for leading tonight's ESL class. I will act as assistant at the whiteboard. We're at the library right now retreating from the rain. Looking around the shelves, they have a small collection of the same books we do.

They have internet connection, but not Wi-fi so the iPad doesn't connect there. Mom used a library computer and found that the keyboard layout is, the 'y' is where the 'z' is on our layout.

We just finished a light dinner at Restaurant Mandrac (small harbor) after the ESL session. There were four women (Luana, Jana, Paola, Ticijana). We all had a good time sharing experiences and trying to explain English phrases. Everyone is looking forward to next Tuesday's session. We will meet at the Italian House. Paola is the president of this local club.

Jana offered a free mobile to us. All we do is supply the SIM card. She also offered to drive us to Pula next week for a day trip. Like many of the Istrians we have met, she is very thoughtful and helpful.

We are learning a few Croatian words from our students and an iPad app. Will we remember anything? I don't know.

It has turned cooler tonight, but predictions are for good weather on the weekend for biking.

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