Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nautical History of Croatia

Wednesday, October 17

Today's learning was a stop in the Nautical Museum. We met Sergio and Nino, the owner and his white Scottie dog. Sergio is quite a Italian Jew, part Croatian. He's dedicated to his love of history and Croatia's sea adventures. He is a professional photographer, graphic designer and former owner of a toy factory.

His privately-owned museum is quite small, but packed with models of ships, photos, and memorabilia covering several centuries of sea history. The models are works of art made by skill artisans. Sergio spent over an hour telling us stories about Croatia's struggles with various empires...Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Russian.

Even though the museum is closed for the season, he spends some days there on political issues regarding nautical history. We will return another day to see the upstairs displays.

As we walked through the park in the early afternoon, we noticed there were a lot more fishing boats tied up in the harbor. One boat was named 'Chicago'. There were several men on board cleaning the nets. We hard to ask 'why the name?' The owner said he had bought it with name on it. He was very engaging, speaking pretty good English. We asked if we could go out fishing with them some day, to which said 'okay, be here at 2am when we head out'. That's not very likely based on our schedule.

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  1. I think you should go fishing! The name of the boat is fate!